The Semester’s Digital Cornucopia

When last we spoke, it was… 5 months ago?! Time sure flies when you have not a moment to yourself…

The semester is coming to an end, and final exams will wrap up this Thursday. Around that time, I should be receiving the rest of my projects back from Color Theory and Printmaking, and I’ll be sure to create a photo post for each. 🙂

There are some major changes and transitions in the works, but it’s too early to say much about it, as there are many details that could go in very different directions yet. So… stay tuned.

Meanwhile, because I must tease you and hold out a little longer (for the sake of keeping this poor old page halfway organized!), I’ll give you a little something to chew on: digital art (some photography, some illustrations, and some digitally manipulated photography) I created this semester for use in various CT and Printmaking projects.